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posted 2015-09-13 17:12:54 +0300

The Guideline project:

Content here seems somewhat outdated, it takes some edits to move anything to the new guideline topic "How to tag your questions". In general, my idea there is to present featured tags (as reserved), official tags (as reserved), the predefined tags list (visible when posting new questions), and as the most important part, guide users to add more tags related to their issue.

What makes things a bit easier now, compared to the time when this guideline answer was posted, is that the tag cloud has "settled down" a bit during that time. It should be possible to still list some of the most used tags, but maybe not as wide as the current answer here.

I personally find tagging questions a very important topic, so putting a lot of effort into this guide to make it usable. Aiming to tag guide easy to use, short, nice to link for new users in a comment, let's see... At least I see my current answer here quite bad, looking at it now :)

The guideline project discusses on these old guideline posts until September 20th, updating and gathering information from here to a new post The Guideline. You're welcome to join the project, for example by editing and commenting this answer.