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posted 2016-05-01 12:30:58 +0300

It should have no effect at all on the current tablet. Intel has a good track record to support their products up till their end of life. And the EOL of the Tablet CPU isn't even announced yet from what I can see. And the only support Intel has to provide post delivery is possibly microcode patches which are few and far apart. Most CPUs go their full life without one.

The software is compiled by Jolla and the community and we can continue to do so for as long as we feel like it, Intel takes no part in it.

Future phones/tablets could be affected by this announcement, but Jolla doesn't seem to have many of those up their sleeves right now anyway. And Intel has the m5/m7 series of CPUs now and there are other manufacturers to source from too so I don't think we've seen the last smartphone or tablet just yet.

Simply put, not much to worry about!:)