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posted 2014-04-05 04:06:34 +0200

So far none of my friends have bought a Jolla, but a couple of them are definitely thinking about getting one. I'm always happy to show the phone to someone interested in it, but at the same time I run into a problem: just letting someone turn the phone around in their hands and swipe around the OS for a couple of minutes really just doesn't give a very clear picture of the benefits of the unit. (The design is obviously different from most other smartphones, but that's just a question of preference, and the hardware itself isn't that impressive.) The bigger issue though is the learning curve for the most important part of the phone, SailfishOS. While checking out the phone, most people seem more confused than anything else, since it takes more than just a couple of minutes to get to grips with the gesture- based system. Luckily the upcoming Sailfish "emulator/ demo"(?) for Android devices should make it easier to get to know the OS, and thus make a decision whether to buy a Jolla or not...