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posted 2014-11-26 10:06:07 +0200

I´m not a TOH-fan, but for those who bought a lot of TOHs, particularly if it is a more expensive one (like TOHKBD) it is important to get a Jolla 2 with same dimensions like Jolla 1, because the TOH compatibility. In this case it would be a good thing if Jolla 2 gets a bigger display by same size of device.

I by myself prefer a smaller device with same display like Jolla 1 (4,5'') because it´s more handy and doesn´t need more power. I think a longer battery service life is more important. For people who needs bigger displays there is a tablet available next year. And btw, the resolution of 960x540 pixels is enough for me. I don´t understand the olympic run for higher and higher resolutions on phone market. It makes the device unnecessary expensive.