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posted 2014-12-11 13:57:27 +0300

I suggest that before actions are taken, there's a consensus on what the outcome should be. "Reduce the number of open questions" is not a good goal. Questions are there for a reason, and the real goal must be to answer them.

IMHO, a better goal would be to reduce the number of questions that are technically open, but either answered, solved by an update, duplicates or "not a question" (grumpy cat links and such). I assume that a lot of potential is in the "duplicate" and "solved (by an update)" categories.

This leads to the question on how to best address these. I think you need two approaches: Duplicates will best be closed by a joint effort of qualified members wo know how to use search functions on TJC. Those who posted a duplicate in the first place won't find out themselves it is one a few months later. On the other hand, questions that are solved are best closed by those who asked them. Others will not have the time to check if they can even reproduce a certain bug in an old version of Sailfish OS and then investigate if it's still there in Uitukka.

So I'm pretty certain we must do both: ask all users to check old questions in their own profiles and tell them exactly what to do if the question is no longer relevant. Then, send another invitation to users with karma > x and registration date before y and ask them to hunt for duplicates and non-questions.

In both cases, clear instructions should be given both about the policy (when is a question really answered? what's a question and what isn't?) and about measures to be taken.