alarm cover showing next event

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At the moment the alarm cover shows the current time. That makes no sense for me. The clock could be peeked and is shown in lock screen...

And the current time is too dominant (lager font, white color) in comparison to the events.

I would like to see the next event (alarm or timer) with set time AND remaining time till the event. I think that one event at a time in the cover is enough. But if the current time is not shown more events could be fully shown.

Should be like the cover view of the stopwatch which shows the total time and last 2 lap times. Current time is not shown. And the stopwatch belongs to the same application ;-)

The cover shows up to 3 active alarm or timer events with a small icons in front. Thats fine. Timers show the remaining time but alarms show the set wake-up time, not the remaining time.

Alarms and timers are shown in the same sequence as in the clock main view but not in the order of next events (remaining time).

For example I enabled 2 alarms. One at 10:00 and one at 15:00. In the clock main view the ordering is from left to right 10:00 and than 15:00. I would prefer if the cover shows the alarms in sequence of next occurence. So if the current time is 12:00 than the 15:00 alarm should be the first one.

The same is valid for timers. The order is not in remaining time but in the same sequence as in clock main view.

And timers are preferred in cover view also if the remaining time is longer than remaining alarm times.

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