[Bug][] new messages (sms) with massive delay [not relevant]

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Since the update I didn't check messaging (sms) cause I usually don't use it that much. But one person only writes sms with me, so this morning I wasn't able to receive sms. The messages were received hours later... anyone else with this problem?

I fixed it with deleting all settings for sms, reboot, re-enter them and send an sms, so for now I think I get the messages immediately...

Maybe some problems related to sms-daemon?

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SMS may take long time from time to time, regardless of the device you send/receive the SMS on. The reason for delay can be many for example: receiver not connected to the phone network, overload at the operators system (best example is new years eve at midnight), sender specified a delay, receivers phone don't like the message and discards it without telling about it.

I would say you need to look at this more in detail, if you think it happens again, try to look at the logs with journalctl and see if you find any related error messages.

I think my SMS has worked as supposed.

Trizt ( 2015-07-19 14:49:23 +0300 )edit

yeah will have a look at it for sure... Just wanted to get Feedback if someone else expirienced the same...

drummer12 ( 2015-07-20 00:21:50 +0300 )edit