Show progress indication when authenticating to Google account (and all other cases of webview?)

asked 2014-01-04 17:57:15 +0300

Artem gravatar image

Lately I was loosing Google account connection very often. To my understanding it's a known problem, but I was loosing it like five times a day in a rather poor connectivity situation, so signing back in was pain.

One thing that was particularly painful was that there was no indication on whether I actually pressed a button and something is happening/loading or not or maybe loading has failed already. I was signing in usually when leaving the apartment and.. poor handover between WiFi and mobile data is to my understanding another known Jolla issue.

It would be cool if Accounts were showing some sort of a progress indication when something network-related is being loaded. (Maybe Silica Spinner or browser-like progress bar in the bottom). It could make sense to add it to the general UI design guide whenever one is created.

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