CTRL stuck on BT keyboard when switching applications

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Yesterday I noticed a strange behaviour when using an external BT keyboard: The CTRL key gets "stuck" when switching between or opening applications.

Here's how to reproduce the problem:

  • Connect external BT keyboard (all following text entries done on BT keyboard)
  • Open Notes app
  • "Create new note"
  • Type "qw" on keyboard - everything looks fine
  • Type "a" on keyboard - complete text is selected (that's what CTRL-A is supposed to do)
  • Hit CTRL once
  • Everything works fine
  • Open Browser and tap at Search or enter address" field
  • => Same behaviour as before. Hit CTRL => Everything's fine
  • Switch back to Notes app
  • => Same behaviour as before. Hit CTRL => Everything's fine
  • and so on...

I realized this problem first after updating to Sailfish (Björnträsket). Before (don't remember which Sailfish version I had then) everything worked perfect. So it might me a bug in ?

BTW: The external keyboard is an Rii 518

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I noticed the same behavoir with my TOHKBD after I updated to After the Update CTRL and sometimes Shift are stuck when I switch to a new Application. Pressing them once sets them back to normal behavior. With the previous firmware this problem did't exist.

P.S. If you are editing your Qustion you can add a "TOHKBD" tag.

jpa ( 2015-07-24 14:44:57 +0300 )edit