[bug] Alarms sound selection doesn't find OGG files [duplicate]

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When trying to select an alarm sound through "select from music files", it doesn't show OGG files which I uploaded to the system (Nexus 5 / Sailfish). I encoded the same audio in FLAC, and it found them. It's obviously some bug. I tried that with 11 seconds and 14 seconds long files.

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as a workaround try renaming it to an ending with .mp3 – see also: https://together.jolla.com/question/63269/ringtone-picker-cant-find-ogg-files/

tad ( 2015-07-27 13:54:42 +0200 )edit

Ah, thanks. It's obviously a duplicate then and can be closed. But it's a pending bug still.

shmerl ( 2015-07-27 17:05:06 +0200 )edit