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What could cause regular SMS notifications without one arriving?

asked 2015-07-30 08:12:30 +0300

muwe gravatar image

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Recently, my Jolla Phone had a short "vibrating fit" where it went through this one short SMS vibration 4 or 5 times, with pretty much exactly 5min break in between. While airplane mode was switched on (SIM inserted, though). The battery was nowhere near single digit %. What could be the cause of this? Silent SMSs???

Thanks for any hints!

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answered 2015-07-31 00:38:03 +0300

SaimenSays gravatar image

Battery level low ;)

Also I think this question is a dupilicate.

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It stopped after a few times and the phone was still on with the "battery […] nowhere near single digit %". Duplicate to which other question?

muwe ( 2015-07-31 08:05:59 +0300 )edit
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