Disable pause event for Android apps

asked 2015-07-31 14:09:10 +0300

Rikudou_Sennin gravatar image

Hello, is it possible to somehow disable pause event for Android apps? Some apps have listeners for pause event because Android will kill them eventually if they're in background, but I think it's not necessary for Jolla since it keeps paused apps in memory.

I'm asking this because I play Simpsons: Tapped Out on Jolla and when I minimize and then maximize it, it starts loading some data as it would on Android. I think this is case of many other apps / games.

If it is not possible now I think it would be a great option to add to future updates of Sailfish, maybe as a developer only option or in the screen in which you can set an Android app.

Thanks for your answers.

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Although that would allow android apps to behave like Sailfish apps and have them continue to run in the background, it's likely going to break things.

nadir ( 2015-07-31 22:21:24 +0300 )edit

Great idea, I want it, too.

@nadir How? The apps would just run as if they were in foreground. Some apps do that already and for games like tapped out it's a great feature (right now it's one "bad" swipe = pause game for one minute (loading time) + extra traffic (new server sync)). Last even if it breaks things somehow it would be optional, per app and disabled by default.

V10lator ( 2015-08-01 11:20:52 +0300 )edit

Yeah, it would be the same as accessing contact info from android apps - disabled by default but you can allow it.

Rikudou_Sennin ( 2015-08-01 15:57:29 +0300 )edit

Alright it might not break things but it will drain the battery.

nadir ( 2015-08-03 00:05:57 +0300 )edit

Don't think so, if you let an Android app open in background it still drains battery, not every app has listeners for pause and unpause events, all of them that does not have the listeners drain your battery and even those that have the listeners (though probably less). Every open app drains your battery - if you do not want to let an app drain your battery, just close it.

Rikudou_Sennin ( 2015-08-03 10:12:58 +0300 )edit