BUG: calendar clock of by one hour (DST, caldav) [duplicate]

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I am using a caldav based calendar on my Jolla (latest stable). The caldav server is a radicale instance (0.7-1.1 debian).

Since I started using this setup I have noticed that entries in the calandar can be off by one hour. During the last year I have been trying to understand what is wrong. It seems the error is triggered when we change to summertime in Denmark. When entering an event at fx. 15:00 the calendar will at first show the event as starting at 15:00. After some time (I assume the calander syncs with the caldav server) the event is moved to start at 16:00.

Looking at the event from another caldav client (thunderbird, macos calendar) it looks fine. It starts at 15:00. If I enter a similar event from fx thunderbird I do not see the of by one hour problem in the Jolla Calendar. If I change the entry back from 16:00 to 15:00 in the Jolla Calandar the of by one hour bug disappears. Even though I have changed the time in the Jolla Calendar the other caldav clients continue to see the correct time (15:00).

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