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We will have a maintenance break tomorrow (2015-08-06) starting at 8:00 UTC and it is estimated to last about an hour.

Services that will be unavailable during the break are:

This will also prevent sign in here on together.jolla.com and on blog.jolla.com, as the account service will not be available. And in some case you might need to re-sign in the Jolla account on your device after the maintenance break is over.

Reason of this maintenance break is to update our services to properly support the upcoming tablet. Most of the changes happen behind the scenes and should not affect normal usage. For the Sailfish application developers there will be few changes in Harbour, which will be explained in the Harbour FAQ and communicated on the developer mailing list.

UPDATE, all done...

The upgrades went pretty much as expected. Some small bugs didn't come up until in the production environment, and we have been ironing those out during the day.

One know issue currently is that the account.jolla.com password reset/recovery functionality does not work every time, but we'll hopefully get that fixed as soon as possible. You might have also noticed that the accounts service is currently only in English. We try to get the translations ready in near future and after that it should be even better than old one, which had some partial localisations :)

And as usual, if you face any issues, do report them here on TJC.

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