[Request] An alt-tab app

asked 2015-08-06 00:22:52 +0300

malibu1106 gravatar image

Hello sailors. My idea is really simple, an app that will just do an alt-tab, like this, we can use the powermenu double click function to alt tab .. Think about it : Double click and back to previous app, really usefull for switching between to apps quickly, like message / movie or message / web browser ..

Let me know if you find it cool.

Hope to see a developer do this :p

Nice day for all !

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IMHO it would be better with an "accelerometer-gesture"... Still, pretty cool idea.

attah ( 2015-08-06 01:03:18 +0300 )edit

Cant see why this should be an app instead of an option. Anyway: nice idea.

M.Bln. ( 2015-08-06 01:28:59 +0300 )edit

Sure an option will be perfect too :P

malibu1106 ( 2015-08-06 08:27:36 +0300 )edit

I think the most useful implementation of this function would be an overlay widget with a back and forward button. It should work similarly as the screenshot overlay button of the "ScreenTapShot" app from @coderus.

wanderer ( 2015-08-06 09:50:21 +0300 )edit

On the other hand: Currently you can change apps quickly by swiping from the border and tapping on an app cover. Isn't that fast enough? :)

wanderer ( 2015-08-06 09:55:41 +0300 )edit