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It would be great for me if Jolla had some kind of 'Car Panel' mode, similar to what HTC offers on their phones. In the Car Panel mode, several apps are available on the screen: navigation, phone, music. The screen stays on, so if you want to initatie a call, you do not first need to wake the screen.

It's already very functional on Android, but I think it could be even better on Sailfish, due to the better multitasking. Navigation could stay active, while you're making a phone call (in the case of the HTC panel, you need to exit navigation first and restart it after your call. This entails too many pushes etc. which is not safe while driving). In landscape mode, you could have colums for minimised apps, and a simple sweep changes to the next app. Or even just the basic home screen, but with the associated apps opening automatically.

I also envision that the car panel mode starts up when in contact with a car dock. It would be great to use a TOH for that (start Car Panel, charge the phone, connect BT to car sound system).

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i second a TOH which autostart navigation app (sideways swipe should be easy enough to make a call), either locks the phone and still has nav on top, or doesn't lock the phone, charges the phone, etc... not sure if a specific app or screen is needed

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The topic seems to be a duplicate of the following (so closing it):

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The original poster might want to merge some parts of question description to the other question (maybe as answer) cause the use-cases described here were clearly stated.

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@jjaone he is for sure welcome to post the whole stuff as answer, as his idea largely includes certain brands like HTC and I don't see a point in putting them in my question which was supposed to be as much general as possible.

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@fk_lx that's what I was thinking, too ;) It fits there well as an answer..

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