Phone app: Icon size, speaker volume (UI)

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Request 1 (to be voted here): Include a volume control in the phone app.

Request 2 (to be voted here): Increase buttons size.

For explanations see below the screenshots.

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Volume control

In the phone app, please add an on-screen volume control element (required in particular when using the loudspeaker -- in the car I am not allowed to grasp the mobile phone [pushing the physical volume control buttons requires to hold against from the other side, i.e. to graps], however I am allowed to act on the touch screen).

(As noted in a comment: Volume bar may be hidden when loudspeaker is disabled.)

Icon size (edited) (not to be voted here)

Voters and Jolla please note also and vote there: with essentially the request to increase the size of the icons/buttons shown during a call (loudspeaker, number pad, microphone). In particular within a shaky environment (e.g. car) it is difficult to hit the correct buttons. (I did not find this request 3561 before stating my own request here and was directed to it only by the first comment. So the voting here [i.e. on request 10394] is for the volume control only.)

(There is space enough on the Jolla for granting both requests, volume control and larger icons!)

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I kind of tried to report that "Icon size" thing in this question:

hzb ( 2014-01-05 00:20:07 +0300 )edit

think the volume touch bar is better shown only when loudspeaker is enabled

sp3000 ( 2014-01-23 22:54:41 +0300 )edit