Massive battery drain since

asked 2015-08-22 08:02:15 +0200

Jordi gravatar image

Since SW update I experienced twice a massive battery drain, I did not install or ... 25.

Lighthouse gives me 2 processes which consume about 45% CPU each, these are MC-thread and systemd-journ. I cannot kill these processes, the only solution I found is to reboot the phone.

With Sysmon (see pictures), I see that there is a strange cell traffic even if I'm in a wifi covered area (my desk at work).

Any idea on what are these processes for and what can cause this battery drain?

Screenshot-21-08-15-14-52-55.png Screenshot-21-08-15-14-53-04.png

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Wow, this looks really serious. I feel a sudden urge to test my own phone. Could you please tell me where did you get this 'sysmon' app?

ScumCoder ( 2015-08-22 08:59:05 +0200 )edit

@ScumCoder : Sorry, the complete name is System Monitor, an app that you can find in Openrepos.

Jordi ( 2015-08-22 09:21:54 +0200 )edit

So I think systemd-journal is kind of a logging functionality. Did you enable logfile for a specific issues? I have in mind systemd is the new energymanagement part... Did you sucessfully uograde to or did something disturb the upgrade process?

drummer12 ( 2015-08-22 10:07:23 +0200 )edit

@drummer12: no logfile and the upgrade went smooth, no delay like some people have reported.

Jordi ( 2015-08-22 11:57:45 +0200 )edit

I've had a similar problem on my laptop. But it is rarely systemd-journal that is the problem as that is just the logging/journaling function in systemd (as drummer12 mentioned). What at least was my problem was that a program I was using started sending out massive amounts of logfiles to systemd-journal stealing 99% of CPU from one of my laptops cores.

My tip would be to take a look at the logs once more to make sure systemd-journal is not writing anything and, with some luck, from there find out what app is behind it.

I hope this will be of any help for you to find what is draining your battery.

Edir ( 2015-08-22 20:04:27 +0200 )edit