Setting up Visual Voicemail on Jolla

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Okay so here it goes. o2 Germany released an Android Client for the 'visual voicemail ' feature to manage your voicemails and greetings etc.

To activate, it sends a (silent) class 0 sms and gets a response also as class 0 sms. As we all know Alien Dalvik does handle neither sending nor receiving sms anyway so that part didn't work. I looked into alternatives finding e.g. this post on TMO So I asked the o2 hotline to manually activate my 'visual voicemail' which they did immediately.

I got an SMS with the following content (XXXX/YYYY where my personal data is involved):


Split up a little to ease understanding:


**srv=; (IMAP4 Server)

ipt=143; (Port); (email adress with XXXX being the username for the mailbox)

pw=YYYY; (Password)**


With the help of the aforementioned thread from TMO I set up a generic mail account on Jolla without providing any further configuration to the outgoing SMTP side (server adress aside because it won't let you continue otherwise). Be aware that you need to be on your provider network otherwise the server adress cannot be reached. Means WLAN off and mobile internet on. You then have a mail account on your phone that can pull the voicemail from o2 as wav files. My next goal is to find a way to play them because currently they won't.

As a follow up here are a few questions to Jolla:

How do you plan to handle class 0 sms content in the future?

This time it just arrived like a normal SMS - and to be honest I'd like it to stay that way or at least be offered how to 'display' and store it. This is a feature I expect from Jolla to be superiour in handling this content especially if it deviates from the agreed regulations (screw those)

How do we send class 0 sms from the UI?

And now to the community:

I know there are fake sms apps for Android that can apparently edit the messaging database etc. - however class 0 sms on Android are intercepted before saved to the database AFAIK and the content seems to be passed to the respective apps. Is anyone of you familiar with how to fake a class 0 sms arrival? I'd still like to get that Android client running for it's additional features.

Alternatively - if anyone of you has a german o2 visual voicemail setup running on his native Android phone, could you backup your apps data via Titanium Backup and cleanse it from your personal data then provide it, so I can edit my authorization into it and paste it to my Alien Dalivk?

Regards y'all


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