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First of all I must say that Active Sync seems to finally work (somehow), at least much better than in the past when I got only an initial sync working with my provider (Uses Open-Xchange: there are still limitations and bugs which I would like to list here in the anticipation that those issues might get addressed soon :-)

For testing purposes I set up an dummy contact and filled all possible fields to see what Sailfish supports...

Phone numbers: The following number types get all synchronised which is great!! The problem? In the contact app or the dialer only 3 out of them are offered as possible options to dial. But despite that, I can see all of these numbers only when editing the contact...just not dial them! Phone (Work 1), Phone (Work 2), Fax (Work), Phone (Home 1), Phone (Home 2), Fax (Home), Phone (Mobile 1), Pager, Phone (Car), Phone (Assistant), Phone (Company), Phone (Radio)

Contact Photo: Never shows up but also no default icon. It offers me to remove the avatar, so it must recognize it but seems it can't display it. [UPDATE] Worked now when setting the photo directly on the WebUI of Open-Xchange. Could be client related...?

Contact details: - A middle name i synced, but never shown in the contact's details only when editing the entry - Contact details like Manager Name, Assistant Name, Spouse Name, Messenger (Work), Messenger (Home), Messenger (Other) are not shown and deleted from the server when syncing (DATA LOSS!!! This should not happen!). Other contact details like Title, Room, Note are also not shown but DO NOT GET DELETED from the server on syncs. Please fix this and include/support those additional fields- at least don't delete that information (or overwrite it with blank info) on the server!

Thanks for addressing those issues! I think that proper EAS support is crucial today for any operating system, the same goes for CalDAV/CardDav and seeing the amount of issues users have I think Jolla should invest more manpower on those parts of the OS.

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Thanks for this report. Over the last couple of months we have rewritten our Exchange Active Sync framework from the ground up, and are getting ready to roll it out in upcoming releases. Hopefully it will resolve the issues you have noted.

In any event, I've filed a bug about the behaviours you've seen internally, and I will try to ensure that we verify that your issues are indeed fixed with our new implementation.

Cheers, Chris.

chris.adams ( 2015-09-03 07:05:55 +0300 )edit

The developers responsible for the new Exchange ActiveSync implementation followed up on this one, and we have now fixed a bug internally related to the AssistantName issue you noted.

For the Messenger (IM) addresses, note that (MS-ASCNTC sections only allows 3 such IM addresses per contact, so if more than that are added, and a sync cycle occurs, the "extra" ones will be deleted by the server as a result of the sync - but my understanding is that this is not a problem which can be avoided; all clients should suffer the same problem, as it's a protocol deficiency. Are you able to confirm that you did not have more than 3 IM fields added? Are you able to confirm that other clients (e.g., Android phone) do not suffer from the same issue here?

I also pinged the developer responsible for the People application to investigate the issue where only the first few phone numbers have the "dial" action button enabled for them. I will update this with more information when it becomes available.

chris.adams ( 2015-09-28 12:34:30 +0300 )edit

Thx for letting me know about your progress! I'm not sure if any of these issues might also partly be related to not using a MS Exchange server but an Open-Xchange server which provides EAS. I tested this server also with my Nokia N9 and a Blackberry tablet where those things are not appearing - that's why I guess the OX-EAS should not make any difference.


  • The Messenger addresses: I have only 3 fields for Messenger addresses (See here link text ) So yes, I can confirm this. Other clients (OX Website, tzpush plugin for Thunderbird, Blackberry) do not have the same problem!

  • The user avatar image: I double checked this once more and I now could reproduce this: 1 Setting new avatar 2. syncing to phone 3. I can see photo when viewing the contact. 4. Opening another contact and then returning to the previous contact (with avatar) 5. Avatar image is now not visible any longer

  • The latest update with SFOS 2.0, I can also dial only a few numbers out of the many the contact has (Visible when editing the contact)

zappAtom ( 2015-09-28 23:17:55 +0300 )edit UPDATE

GENERAL:I read this thread ( and my existing account still works. Some more updates to the bugs existing in

AVATARS 1: Avatars set on the OX WebUI work and also are shown after closing and opening the SFOS contact app again. Avatars set on the phone are only shown as long you still have the app open. After that the contact app shows a black image instead!

AVATARS 2: The avatar (phushdown) menu has 3 entries: [Select from Gallery, ???, Delete avatar]. The middle entry is empty, nothing is written here.

DATA LOSS: Contact details like Manager Name, Assistant Name, Spouse Name, Messenger (Work), Messenger (Home), Messenger (Other) are STILL not shown and STILL ARE deleted from the server when syncing

PHONE NUMBERS 1: The contact app still shows only 3 phone numbers out of 11 (set on my contact). All 11 number entries can be seen when I edit the contact

PHONE NUMBERS 2: Not a bug but a suggestion. When a user has a lot of details the current list is not very good for distinguishing between all details. Why not to use ICONS here (Phone, Mobile, Address, Email, etc.)?

zappAtom ( 2015-10-02 16:33:32 +0300 )edit

@chris: Does already have the newly rewritten EAS stack?

zappAtom ( 2015-10-02 16:35:35 +0300 )edit