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WLAN (Wi-Fi) and graphical symbols [answered]

asked 2014-01-05 19:24:43 +0300

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updated 2014-01-05 20:41:03 +0300

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At least I have had to guess the meaning of the graphical symbols on the "home screen". Latest discovery is WLAN-symbol with star inside. It is symbol of some kind of WLAN problem. Reboot helps for a while, but does anybody know how to get mode detailed info and how to get WALN working without rebooting? WLAN off and then back on does not help.

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The star symbol is when you're not connected but there are known networks in the area.

paperboy ( 2014-01-05 19:41:05 +0300 )edit

What about the question mark inside the empty WLAN, is it for limited connectivity?

damourti ( 2014-09-30 15:35:12 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-01-05 20:36:18 +0300

ausgeregelt gravatar image

updated 2014-01-05 20:38:43 +0300

Section 3 in the Jolla user guide (lock, home, launcher and events) lists the meanings of the status icons on the lock screen. In particular the star inside the otherwise empty WLAN icon means that there would be WLANs available, but none that is configured.

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Thanks. A question remains. The is WLAN has been configurted has been working for 5-60 minutes after which this symbol appears. In settings the particular WLAN is in "Connecting...." where it stays until I reboot. Any command-line tool to investigate the problem?

ksysta1 ( 2014-01-05 23:20:48 +0300 )edit

Maybe there is something in /var/log/wpa_supplicant.log?

ausgeregelt ( 2014-01-06 20:33:04 +0300 )edit

There a alot o lines lines rfkill: WLAN unblocked I wonder why this can repeat like 800 times before I see anything else.

Then message dbus: wpas_dbus_bss_signal_prop_changed: Unknown Property value 7

repears quite often, too.

ksysta1 ( 2014-01-07 08:40:31 +0300 )edit

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