Esc key in bluetooth keyboard

asked 2015-09-09 17:50:08 +0300

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I'm enjoying my Jolla experience, by far and if I can use Emacs, which is my favourite editor, on Jolla, it's simply more fantastic! I have succeeded to compile it on Jolla, but I've found there're some inconveniences in FingerTerm such that Esc-x shell command to set up terminal in Emacs doesn't work. I tried to connect my Jolla to bluetooth keyboard and then I've found Esc key is not recognised.

So far, the most convenient way for me to use Emacs on Jolla is to log-in the device through ssh from my laptop. But this is not the way cool, right? Is there anyone who succeeded to use Esc key on the external keyboard? I have tried two different BT keyboards but in both cases Esc key can't be recognised. By the way, as I'm living in Germany, the keyboards I tried use German layout.

I know there're some reports about the issue on changing layout of external keyboards. Since I don't have any English layout keyboard and they're not commonly available in Germany, I haven't tried other layout.

Sincerely, Masa

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