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0 jolla-launcher. No background on Launcher window

asked 2015-09-09 18:10:37 +0300

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when the Jolla store ran empty recently I hurriedly ordered a second phone from Italy, (just in case Jolla goes bust and my N9s die along with my current Jolla) which came today. I installed the Jolla apps (except Android ;) ) and then updated the system through 1.1.2 to the latest public Björnträsket. I have noticed at least two bugs compared to my previous phone, which I can now run side by side to compare:

  • Bug 1. The selected ambience or background does not appear on the launcher window. Here all icons are just on a black background. I couldn't find any appropriate settings. The background does appear on the lock and home screens. This works fine on my older phone.

  • Bug 2. In flight mode, the airplane symbol appears a second time at the beginning of a 2nd line, just below the plane on the first line (Plane, wlan, sync, bluetooth). i.e. there are now two airplane symbols on the first settings page. All other symbols appear just once. Again, this does not appear on my older phone.

  • Can I reinstall some way?

  • Is there a Jolla approved app with which I can a basic test on the phone's hardware?

Maybe relevant, maybe not:

  • The new and old phone have the same version in product information. Manufacturing date of older phone is 12/2013, the newer one 03/2014

  • The new phone has not yet been connected to a mobile-phone network (just wlan)

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answered 2015-09-09 19:09:51 +0300

updated 2015-09-09 19:10:09 +0300

1. The last page of the launcher window is always completely black. If you only have one page of apps, the background is not transparent.
2. Long press and select "remove from favourites". Sometimes the favourites bug out, no need to worry about that.

-No need to reinstall, but if you want to you can always perform a factory reset.

-You can try the built-in CSD tool, open it by dialing *#*#310#*#* in the phone app or by tapping the Sailfish version text five times at product information.

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