Maps missing from Jolla store, does not update with 1.1.9 [released]

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I have two Jolla phones, one runs, the other one Both have Maps installed. But: On both phones, Maps is nowhere to be seen in the Jolla Store Client. It doesn't show up in the list of installed applications, it doesn't show up when I search for it, it's not in the section of Jolla applications. This reminds me of a bug we had in December 2014, but that should long be fixed... or shouldn't it?

Even more irritating, the phone that now runs 1.1.9 shows there's an update available for Maps:

Installed       sailfish-maps-1.0.40-10.26.1.jolla.armv7hl  Sailfish Maps application
Available       sailfish-maps-1.1.0-10.27.1.jolla.armv7hl   Sailfish Maps application

Usually, updates for the Maps application are published together with OS updates, but need to be done separately in the Store Client. Which doesn't work in this situation.

Anyone else having this problem?

Again, I'd rather not simply update the package but find out why this happens in the first place.

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Running still 1.1.7. and no Maps in the Jolla Store.

raketti ( 2015-09-09 21:04:56 +0300 )edit

This happened a while back as well I think!

timearp ( 2015-09-09 22:07:36 +0300 )edit

Nor in the store, neither in the "my apps" list. "here" is sold to the automotive industry, and we are left out in the cold, that's what I can see. Okay, the app was crap anyway, but that's without warning. OSmand~ in Android is working fine. You need to be pragmatic these days....

Robomike ( 2015-09-09 22:12:42 +0300 )edit

@Robomike There's and update available as you can see here, it's the store client that seems to have a problem.

ossi1967 ( 2015-09-09 22:21:25 +0300 )edit

pkcon get-updates shows on my device:

Enhancement sailfish-maps- Sailfish Maps application.

Installed version is the same than in your device.

penpen ( 2015-09-09 23:02:53 +0300 )edit