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[Improvement] More ambience actions [duplicate]

asked 2015-09-10 01:39:32 +0300

schmittlauch gravatar image

Currently the new ambience system only allows to modify the behaviour of ringtones using ambience actions. As ambiences shall be used to suit certain situations, there are some more actions I'd love to have:

  • toggling connectivity
    • wifi
    • mobile data
    • bluetooth
  • changing IM online status

Example usage: My home ambience sets the ringtone volume to modest 80%, activates wifi and deactivates mobile data usage. When I leave home, I change my ambience to outside. This changes the ringtone volume to 100% (it's loud outside), deactivates wifi and activates mobile data.

With these actions I could really use the ambiences, because currently I'm only using them to change my "wallpaper".

Are there any further actions you would like to have? Ambiences could maybe do a bunch of things the Situations app currently does?

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On MWC videos they were talking not only about connectivity but also about default apps. You may need apps on Work which you don't at Home.

AliN ( 2015-09-10 03:36:07 +0300 )edit

switching from "at home" to "outside" should also change screen brightness settings.

ossi1967 ( 2015-09-10 08:36:40 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-09-10 08:53:52 +0300

updated 2015-09-10 08:58:40 +0300

Duplicate of the below I suppose. Please vote.

Check here as well

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Oh, sorry, I didn't find this when searching. Maybe it was just too late.

schmittlauch ( 2015-09-10 10:12:22 +0300 )edit

No worries. Guess oen advantage is that it brings the issue to spotlight :)

anandrkris ( 2015-09-10 14:55:39 +0300 )edit

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