more consistency and convenience for app launcher folders [duplicate]

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Currently the folders in the app launcher behave a bit inconsistent to the rest of the UI. If you tap on the folder you see the apps in a page which is a kind of overlay. To get back to the main view you have to tap on the free area. This kind of navigation is specific for the app launcher and doesn't occour elsewhere in the system. This makes it inconsistent.

It would be better if the folder contents would show up in a subpage, where you can go back by swiping left, indicated by the glowing ball in the upper left corner, as you see it everywhere else in the system.

Another nice alternative would be the one suggested in this comment. Here the folders would behave like the alphabetical groups in the contacts app.

Maybe one of you even has a better idea how to improve it. Just abswer or comment here.

Edit:This is a duplicate of Please vote up there. I am closing this thread.

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I agree! But I think this is a duplicate of

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You are right. I will close this thread.

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