Please use more the "possible-bug" tag

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Unless you're sure you've really encountered a reproduceable bug, please use tag possible-bug instead. Afterwards, someone else could confirm if it's a bug or something else, and change that tag.

In both cases, please add enough of information about the issue. Beside the usual description:

  • On which Sailfish OS version
  • Under what circumstances (right after boot in a clean system with plenty of space, or under a heavily used, almost full, customized, maybe even patched system are two quite different issues. Also the active settings/accounts/services /apps usually might play a role)
  • How to reproduce (if possible)
  • terminal feedback or system logs (if possible)
  • screenshots (if you see them helpful)

Sharing, as many people have been commenting on that current bug-tagged questions includes a lot of questions not really bugs. For that, it would be great if users could check through their own older questions as well, and change bug >> possible-bug if needed.

THIS IS NOT A QUESTION, hence marked as wiki. Any discussion is welcome with both comments and answers, answers maybe suggesting even more ideas how to deal with the unsure bug reports

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