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Default ringtone & sounds problem (

asked 2015-09-13 14:06:09 +0300

liqquid gravatar image

updated 2015-09-13 14:15:45 +0300


Today I wanted to set the default ringrone & sounds but failed. Because when I set the new sounds, everything was ok. After that I try to change my ambiences options to use the default tones but I couldn't find that option. After that I just delete all tone from some ambiences that I did not want to modify the basic sounds. They were still okay. But when I changed to another ambience and after I changed back to a "Non-voice modifier" ambience, not the default voices returned but also those that were modified in the last "voice modifier" ambience. I think so should be a default ringtones as before, which is not problem if it change an ambience but when I change another "only design changer" ambience the default sounds will be return to defaults or not to the latest ambience changed sounds stay! Thx.

I hope you understand what I wrote with my wonderful English...

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answered 2015-09-13 14:18:13 +0300

chemist gravatar image

updated 2015-09-13 14:18:30 +0300

Ambiences work that way now, the so called default you are referring to is gone. There is current which is what you see in Settings and then you may change current by applying an ambience. An ambience not changing anything will not return to something you set in Settings earlier but inherit the sounds already set.

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But the problem is when an ambience change the sound what I set before. And when I change to other ambience which change only the background and the color, my default ringtone not triggered back... This is the big problem. OK that some ambience change the sounds, this is good, but I need default tones when I set "without sound" ambience. This worked before this sw version... (please give back to the ambience settings the default tone option, if anyone don't want set up again and again when an other ambience changed all sounds...)

liqquid ( 2015-09-13 14:52:08 +0300 )edit


I experience the same: I crated an Ambience that changes all the sounds. Everything is as expected. I change to an Ambience that came with the OS. All is as expected. I change back to my Ambience. The default sounds are played, even if my sounds are shown in both the Ambience menu and the settings menu.

I have to re-trigger my Ambience for my sounds to get active.

LVPVS over.

LVPVS ( 2015-09-13 20:06:42 +0300 )edit

Need to set my default sounds in each "without sound" ambiences if I want use other ambiences that changes all sounds to avoid having to always set the default sounds again... Or an other option, I need make an ambience with my default sounds and before I change to another one ambience, need use my new "default sounds" ambience... Unfortunately not very convenient solutions! This is the big problem with the new OS amiences modifying!

liqquid ( 2015-09-13 20:32:54 +0300 )edit

You need one dummy ambience with your default sounds, after that you activate the BG ambiences with no settings.

chemist ( 2015-09-13 23:59:33 +0300 )edit

I know, I wrote this, but as I said not very convenient solution...

liqquid ( 2015-09-14 21:13:28 +0300 )edit
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