I Cannot call to person with two numbers via Phone app [duplicate]

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I have an issue with my Phone app. I use Finnish version and now installed Björnträsket. Issue has been in my phone since new.

If my contact has two (or more?) numbers, I may not call him by using Phone app. When I choose calling by name and choose person with two numbers, the app shows numbers under the name. Now it should be possible to call by tapping right number? This has never worked for me. This is annoying, only way to call these two numbered people is to use People -app.

I don't know how, but if person has two numbers and one of numbers is is short enough to be shown on screen on whole then it's possible to call this number. For example I have called many times my friends door-code number, which I had saved to find easily. Sometimes persons real phone number is also short enough to be called, usually not. Last week I had one persons with two "private" -labelled numbers which both were impossible to be tapped in Phone app. Because I didn't remember which one was his work number, I changed other to "work" -labelled. Then it was actually short enough to be called in Phone app.

I think that this may refer someway with very long titles before the actual number. In Finnish version there is "YksityinenMatkapuhelin | +35850xxxxx" or "TyöMatkapuhelin | +35850xxxxxx". I'm not sure what there is helpful if there is also "Matkapuhelin".

In this case I can manipulate numbers by changing numbers type and classification. And when I change these for shorter ones, I can call to the person in Phone app just by tapping right number. So this is key to fix the problem.
Maybe this problem came when I brought my contacts from old phone (ZTE blade 3) and got some additional data within. Now I need to check all my two-numbered friends and change their numbers type and classification.

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This problem is related to text length of the item in combo menu (i.e. both title and number) and you can reproduce it also in English UI with a too long number: https://together.jolla.com/question/103942/bug-cant-make-a-call-from-phone-app-if-text-length-exceeds-screen-size/

AliN ( 2015-09-15 20:18:01 +0300 )edit

Yes, that sounds very like same problem! I did search for a while but didn't find this question. Same problem indeed. One of my friend had also same notice in Finnish version.

Virvis ( 2015-09-15 21:16:29 +0300 )edit