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Suggestions to retag bug reports

asked 2015-09-17 11:15:33 +0300

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updated 2015-09-20 15:51:53 +0300

Currently, there is no official rule on tagging the bug reports posted on TJC, but it has become a common way to add a tag bug and a version number tag, for example, representing the Sailfish OS release on which the bug was encountered.

Version number tagging has been used especially on releases which are not yet public for everybody. This seems useful, as it helps to filter out bug reports on unreleased software, or filter in bug reports for only certain version.

However, the tagging is not working the best way it might do. Regarding version numbering, the current reports can be shared roughly into four different categories:

  • without any version number tag
  • with a version number tag representing the first version the bug was located on
  • with a version number tag (retagged) with the latest version they are still encountered on
  • with several version number tags (minority), repsententing versions they are encountered on

In this question, I'm asking for suggestions for the best practice in bug report tagging. You don't need to hold on only to the version numbering, but you can suggest any practical way to tag bug reports, even adding new kind of tags into your suggestion. Let's vote the best suggestions up, and see if we can do something for TJC to work even better.

EDIT: Just checked some statistics how the current "routine" is working. Since the latest Early Access version was rolled out, there's been 150 bug -tagged reports. 82 * * 56 * w/o version. Me thinks this check gives a reason to actually find another way, so looking forward for your suggestions. The current way is not working.

Note: This question is not about if bug reporting should be done somewhere else. This is to find the best practice while it's still done here on TJC.

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answered 2015-09-18 15:07:45 +0300

simo gravatar image

updated 2015-09-18 15:25:59 +0300

One suggestion. In my opinion, we shouldn't use version numbering in tags at all, but instead add the first version number (on which the bug was first seen) and edit the latest (on which it still exists) into the question itself.

For Early Adopter reports, following the same path works as well. Earlier tag bug and a new tag pre-release would sort out the filtering problem, and remove the need of retagging (well, almost: on released bugs another tag could be removed). With this suggestion, users could view and sort:

  • All the bug reports (search for bug)
  • Those posted only for unreleased software (Search for bug and pre-release)
  • Filter out those for unreleased software (search for bug, add pre-release to ignored tags list, select "exclude ignored tags)
  • Show bugs encountered on certain release (Search for bug as tag, and "x.x.x.x" as text)

Example of an early access bug report, following the above:

Camera won't start

bug pre-release camera launch

First encountered: on Jolla Phone

Last reproduced: on Jolla Phone


Feel free to use ideas above as part of your own answer

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