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Twablet support thread

asked 2015-09-21 16:49:25 +0200

updated 2015-10-02 03:06:22 +0200

This thread is dedicated to the Twablet, the twitter app that is made for bigger screens.



Twablet is a Twitter application tailored for big screens, like the Jolla tablet. It can also be used on phones. On Twablet, you can add an unlimited number of feeds coming from your home timeline, searches, or other people's tweets, to suits your tweets consumption.

Twablet also offers a modern browsing experience, with embedded images shown directly in the feed, as well as embedded tweets (not in beta), plus everything you can expect from a Twitter client (minus Twitter API limitations).

Developement status

Twablet is currently under developement.

For any suggestion please add a reply. You can also use replies to log bugs, but please take a look at the issue tracker before adding one. For general discussion, please use comments.

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Oh yeah, I've been anticipating this since the first whispers :P

MoritzJT ( 2015-10-02 03:53:34 +0200 )edit

Great to see this in development and it looks good even on the small screen of the phone. The support thread link in Warehouse produces a page not found though. Hope too that you'll be able to inclule a DM tab and functionality but a really great app in prospect which makes the wait for the tablet harder!

ninepine ( 2015-10-02 08:32:30 +0200 )edit

@ninepine DM is expected. You can check the open issues.

Sfiet_Konstantin ( 2015-10-02 11:00:06 +0200 )edit

@Sfiet_Konstantin if it's possible, it would be nice it the panels would lock when swiping sideways. Now you end up with 1/2 - 1 - 1/2 view or 1/3 - 1 - 2/3 view and everything in between. So with the phone a split screen with two panels locked would be enough. Don't know about the tablet yet, will come back to it.

But so far, even on beta stage, this Twitter app is a serious competitor to Tweetian, so really looking forward for future developments. :)

raketti ( 2015-10-02 20:57:14 +0200 )edit

Latest release has the following issues on the Jolla Phone:

  • Won't load saved search tabs, giving a network error (creating a new search works though).
  • Tapping on a tweet opens a blank screen
  • Tapping on a user name opens a broken screen, place holder for profile image is shown and text "Subscribed lists", that's all

Overall, the smaller font is a nice tweak, and the images in the main (Home) view now seem to be scaled properly, so getting there little by little. :)

Ps. Thanks for the update.

PPS. I take it back, the images are still cropped wrong. Portrait pics are missing top and bottom and landscape left and right.

raketti ( 2015-10-26 10:48:37 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-04-22 22:10:54 +0200

benaryorg gravatar image

updated 2016-04-25 08:27:38 +0200

After all, I got my tablet and using Twablet is just a pleasure on it.

Here a list of missing features:

  • Streaming
  • coversations
  • editing the full text of a reply (prefixing with a ".", not mentioning somebody,….)
  • delete tweets
  • picture upload
  • play gifs and videos
  • zooming in pictures
  • on a bad connection, open the tweet before the pictire has loaded, but replace with animation
  • DMs
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I am missing message chains feature.
Using twablet with tablet and it's really nice.

jpjolla ( 2016-04-24 10:11:42 +0200 )edit

@jpjolla updated with a list of features

benaryorg ( 2016-04-24 11:45:20 +0200 )edit

Maybe add the missing features as issue to the Twablet Github project (or if there is already an issue for it just link it here) ? That might help SfietKonstantin (or any potential contributors) with keeping track on things. :)

MartinK ( 2016-04-24 14:50:16 +0200 )edit

I wasn't aware of the GitHub project, I'll add it there. thanks for the heads-up.

benaryorg ( 2016-04-24 14:55:45 +0200 )edit

Thanks @MartinK and @benaryorg :) I will take a look at this soon :)

Sfiet_Konstantin ( 2016-04-25 18:19:56 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-10-02 15:21:08 +0200

weirdstuff gravatar image

Awesome! Good news guys, as soon as my tablet arrives I'll be all over this, happy to help with any user-testing that is needed...

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