[Request] Improve application launching on 2.0

asked 2015-09-24 18:55:16 +0300

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updated 2015-09-24 19:08:56 +0300

Launching applications on 2.0 is currently impractical. Tapping the screen to bring up the pinned applications is fine, however this does not work if you already have a card open. Pinned applications should always be brought up on a tap to the main screen outside running cards, the current way is inconsistent.

Instead, now you have to bring up the entire application drawer by swiping from bottom upwards. This then proceeds to push your most used applications all the way to the top of the screen. This practically gives you the furthest distance you could have to travel to launch your pinned applications. With this kind of an arrangement quick-launchable applications should be kept fixed at the bottom of the screen when they are revealed.

Enabling only the pinned applications to be revealed by a partial swipe would also be helpful.

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You raise an excellent point. The design is controversial. "Tap-to-reveal" shows your favorites on the bottom, which is fine. But when you have more than one cover open your favorites are suddenly on the opposite edge of the screen.

Okw ( 2015-09-24 20:12:25 +0300 )edit

Yep, inconsistent is the name. But tapping the screen to show favorites when there are 4 covers open won't be fun (you'll have to aim carefully not to tap the cover or the action button on the cover). A half-pull from the bottom gesture opening just the top row of apps (favorites) will work with any number of covers though.

Flickta ( 2015-09-24 21:06:15 +0300 )edit

Thanks. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense for the UI to be doing two basically opposite things as it is. A better alternative would probably be having either just a partial-pull, or both available for the pinned apps. True enough it does seem it would get pretty crowded to tap with four covers open.

Sahry ( 2015-09-24 21:28:10 +0300 )edit

Check out Quickbar application from openrepos, it might be what you need > mru / mfu / favs list of apps at a click away (on status bar)

tortoisedoc ( 2015-09-24 22:10:52 +0300 )edit

Thanks for the suggestion tortoisedoc, I'll try have a look if it could act as a workaround. I think it would be important to fix the actual Jolla UI though for a good experience for everyone. Also right now it seems like installing 2.0 broke updating/installing new apps for me as well.

Sahry ( 2015-09-25 05:07:06 +0300 )edit