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Audio artist/song name not transferred over Bluetooth to car audio [released]

asked 2015-09-24 19:45:38 +0300

aarengu gravatar image

updated 2015-09-24 19:46:39 +0300

Tested with Jolla Media player, SailSoma, Subsonic and Android app Deezer. Stop/play or next track selections are working. iPhone does show artist information correctly. Car audio is Giulietta 2015 uConnect.

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A2DP protocol does not include media stream information by itself. To support displaying this information, both devices need to support an additional profile. Just like headset profile does not include access to the phone book. Maybe Jolla does not (yet) support the required profile. I imagine it could be easily implemented as most of the infrastructure needed is already there. The devs could i.e. simply use the info provided for displaying on the lockscreen.

Shoppinguin ( 2015-09-25 14:26:04 +0300 )edit

For the record, broadcasting audio artist/song name etc. information not working with Jolla + Pioneer DEH-X9600BT car stereo combo. The things that I've tested to work are stopping/starting and selecting next/previous track. Also answering to an incoming call by pressing "Answer call"-button on the car stereo does work. Also incoming caller number (but NOT name of the caller even if correctly saved in the phonebook) is shown in the car stereo display.

Asmodeus ( 2015-09-27 16:46:51 +0300 )edit

@Asmodeus It ssems like my assumption is correct. However, the AVRCP profile is at least partially implemented, as playback controls work. Research aka googling about the issue reveals that there were attempts to implement AVRCP metadata transfer into bluez and that with many android distributions it probably works. The closest thing i was able to find was this post on the raspberry pi forums: There's a very good chance the python code will work with the Jolla too but as i do not have a car radio or or other device capable of displaying or even receiving AVRCP metadata i'm out, sorry :(

Shoppinguin ( 2015-09-27 22:22:49 +0300 )edit

@Shoppinguin from the descriptions given in that topic it looks to me like that code is intended to be run on the device displaying the song artist & title, i.e. the receiving device, not the transmitting device (which would be the Jolla).

Also this is a duplicate of these feature requests, so upvoting all of those may help in getting necessary visibility:

MuggenHor ( 2016-02-09 15:10:53 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-02-09 15:04:59 +0300

MuggenHor gravatar image

updated 2016-02-09 15:06:16 +0300

I encountered the same problem (after noticing Android devices do display this info on my car's dashboard) and found this Zendesk article explaining that media metadata isn't supported for the AVRCP profile on SailfishOS:

AVRCP 1.0 (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile): Allows using your Jolla as a rudimentary remote control to other Bluetooth devices: "play, stop, pause" etc. commands to devices. SailfishOS does not support media metadata.

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Correct. I wish that could change, though...

Direc ( 2016-02-10 01:30:10 +0300 )edit

I would realle appreciate seeingt the media metadata in the cars hmi. May some Jolla employee give a statement if this feature is planned?

mdosch ( 2016-02-11 15:07:59 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-09-19 14:45:35 +0300

tad gravatar image

updated 2016-09-19 14:51:06 +0300

With Aurajoki (, Jolla C and the default media player I can confirm that this is fixed! Track names, Album names and Artist names are transferred correctly to my bluetooth enabled car audio.

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