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[SFOS 2.0] How to close app? [answered]

asked 2015-09-24 23:23:13 +0200

stephan gravatar image

Hi there,

With SFOS <2.0 I could close a programm by swiping down from the upper edge. Now the device offers to lock the screen or to choose a theme. How can I close a program when it's active in the foreground?

thanks, stephan

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-09-24 23:28:06 +0200

ApB gravatar image

Enable it from settings > system >gestures >quick app closure

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answered 2015-09-24 23:28:15 +0200

t-lo gravatar image

Swipe from left or right to put it into the background, then close it from the home screen. Or let the OOM killer handle it - background it, then leave the app alone. Start more apps. Eventually, a "stale" cover will be where your app was once, being a placeholder. Tap the stale cover, and that app will be restarted.

Alternatively, you can get back the old swipe-down close by selecting "Quick App Closing" in Settings / System / Gestures.

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Let's hope the "old" way will also be retained permanently. I don't feel this is a very efficient method of closing applications should it become the sole one. This requires performing three actions (swipe to background, long press, close) versus one swipe down. Also having to leave it to the OOM seems like a solution that would waste battery/performance and screen space. (Not per say a comment on the answer, but on the UI itself.)

Sahry ( 2015-09-25 05:23:39 +0200 )edit

For the love of Raskin and Nilesen, Jolla. Do not ever remove the "Quick App Closing" setting. Your cover thing depends on NOT having apps dicking around waiting for the OMM killer. On android, you use an app and it goes to an ever growing randomly ordered list that can be called up and used as a clunky app switcher. On Sailfish, you use an app and it stays front and center as a cover giving you a quick access to its most useful feature. Since covers are so very much front and center, user has to be able to easily kill apps she doesn't want to stay around as covers.

alamaki ( 2015-09-27 11:36:49 +0200 )edit

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