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app-development: heap profiling? [answered]

asked 2015-10-01 16:18:35 +0300

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As the title suggests: I'd like to profile the heap usage of my app - where and when how much memory was allocated. I built RPMs for libunwind and gperftools but tcmalloc's profile output only shows mapped libraries and not - as expected - detailed information about allocations. And yes, I installed the debuginfo-rpm of package, which was a debug build of course. Does anyone have experience or suggestions?

If anyone wonders why: The app basically consists of a SilicaListView that displays 70x70 icons (Image element) for each item and after a few items (dozens, not hundreds) memory usage goes from ~120MB (empty list) to ~300MB and pmap shows a bunch of [anon] blocks of 30MB to 70MB in size and I'd like to figure out where they come from...



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answered 2015-10-01 16:35:10 +0300

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Hah! Turns out valgrind (with the tool massif) works just fine on the Jolla :) To anyone who reads this at some point: running your app with

valgrind --tool=massif <your-program>

Produces an output file that can be visualized with the great "massif-visualizer" tool (easily googleable), showing you the memory-hungry parts of your program.

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