[Feature request] Swipe to close tab in browser

asked 2015-10-01 23:40:03 +0300

huuhaa gravatar image

I think there is too much tapping in Sailfish 2.0 and more swiping should be there, so I was thinking why not to allow user close tab in browser by swiping when there is multible tabs open and you are in "tab view"?

Now there's tiny cross for close tab and even when you most of times hit that cross, there's several times when you don't (at least I don't). This is quite frustrating when you end up to the page you were before and repeat this multiple times instead of closing that tab (happens sometimes and sometimes even quite often).

What do you think of swipe to close tab behavior?

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Agreed. Either swipe to close, or context menus to close or pulley menu to mark multiple and then close. Anything would be better for one hand use.

shfit ( 2015-10-02 00:03:34 +0300 )edit