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[Request]Multiuser support

asked 2014-01-07 01:31:22 +0300

DerJott gravatar image

updated 2014-11-27 13:04:10 +0300

Mohjive gravatar image

I´m missing an easy and fast way to create a new local user on my Jolla. On Android you have this feature already and the benefit is huge - you can split your private and your business stuff. And you don´t have to worry about nsfw content.

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On tablets it's a must have feature

Oliver ( 2014-01-07 06:27:21 +0300 )edit

@Oliver Yes, and in tablets it's even plausible cause the patent (see my anser below) only applies to "mobile telelphones" ;)

foss4ever ( 2014-01-07 07:31:06 +0300 )edit

i think for the tablet it's very useful and shoul be easily integrated in the swipe down menu. I want to share my tablet with the family :) and maybe a guest mode too then ?

jorros_one ( 2014-11-20 11:47:48 +0300 )edit

@schmittlauch, @Nokius This was originally asked in January and was directed at Sailfish OS in general, not the tablet specifically (as it didn't even exist then). Unless you have some arguments against it the tablet specific additions to topic and tags should be removed.

Mohjive ( 2014-11-20 16:03:44 +0300 )edit

This feature request seems to be similar to what Blackberry 10 also has, with Blackberry Balance where you have separate work and personal profiles to switch between and don't have to mix work and user data (or apps).

Mohjive ( 2014-11-20 16:07:13 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-11-20 17:22:11 +0300

avhakola gravatar image

If not full multiuser support, then at least sandbox for kids, etc. so you can hand the device for kids to play Angry Birds/what ever the kids do these days and not worry about them messing the settings, deleting something important or even bricking the device by accident.

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This is really useful for families, to keep kids away from posting on facebook, sending emails etc. Android tablets allow a level of security (I think this is getting upgraded with Lollipop) but it is still not ideal. For example two parent (secured) accounts and one open (child) account would be important in my family - this is not presently possible with Andriod, but is on Windows

Ryan ( 2014-11-26 13:05:50 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-01-07 07:13:42 +0300

foss4ever gravatar image

updated 2014-01-07 07:34:11 +0300

This might not be so easy to get to Jolla (and Androids) phones if this story is relevant here: http://pocketnow.com/2012/10/30/android-4-2-multiuser-on-smartphones-held-back-by-nokia :P

The "multi-user mobile telephone"-patent was filed already in 2005 by Nokia, and while no phones with multi-user profiles IMO have been made Nokia/M$, wouldn't this make it not-so-straightforward for Jolla to provide this on their phone?

Of course this could be implemented in SailfishOS (to be run on tablets for example) regardless of that patent, but the multi-user profile in phone devices might be problematic.

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Might not be easy, but I've got an idea to put forth: a SailfishOS accessory that only holds a single user account, and connects to the Jolla device, and once connected, installs a user-specific ambiance, apps, and serivce accounts. Just a thought, but possible way to address it beyond Nokia's IP.

arjwright ( 2014-01-07 07:53:42 +0300 )edit

Only enforceable in the US. Seems like an obvious patent, and since multiuser systems have been used since the beginnig of (unix)time there is prior art. Seems nothing but patent trolling. Doubtful it would holdup in court even there.

Oliver ( 2014-01-07 11:20:39 +0300 )edit

Also BlackBerry 10 devices haw that "Balance" stuff - basically separate private & business users on a single device.

MartinK ( 2014-01-14 00:58:30 +0300 )edit

@Oliver Do you want to try how much it would cost if Nokia in fact wanted to ckaim their patent rights? Trolling or not, and I agree the patent-wars have become ridiculous in mobile tech, IPR-things might get quite nasty (even between partners and associates).

foss4ever ( 2014-01-14 01:07:31 +0300 )edit

The claim text is:

  1. A mobile telephone designed to be used by several different end-users at different times, in which a first end-user can alter the mobile telephone so that it operates in a manner specific to that first end-user and a subsequent end-user can alter the mobile telephone so that it operates in a manner specific to that subsequent end-user; wherein each end-user has only to respond to prompts displayed on a screen in order to alter the mobile telephone so that it operates in a manner specific to that end-user.
00prometheus ( 2014-03-21 02:02:14 +0300 )edit

answered 2014-11-20 13:28:59 +0300

See also : https://together.jolla.com/question/63744/request-jolla-tablet-multiple-user-accounts/

These two threads should be merged. Maybe some TJC admin can handle this ?

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@François: no, let's keep these separated, the one you point to being tablet specific, thanks.

eric ( 2014-11-27 13:18:33 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-10-23 03:22:37 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

updated 2016-10-23 03:24:01 +0300

Multi user mostly makes sense in terms of security:

  1. user account with super user rights, delete, install modify apps and system,
  2. Standard user that only adjusts standard settings, visuals and can use apps that dont modify the system,
  3. Guest user with monitoring and logging of use time sites visited and enabling of restrictions to content, apps, setting changes.

It doesnt make too much sense to have a phone with many different standard user profiles since thats not how phones are used, they are personal devices that are used mostly by the same person.

The account 1. and 2. already exist in Sailfish 2.0 but dont have an easy UI to switch between them and be accessible from the lock screen. Account 3 would need more work to be added.

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You should never be able to login as superuser, because world will be destroyed then.

coderus ( 2016-10-23 11:07:28 +0300 )edit

Multiuser is (as every linux/unix based system) a security feature. So if you use your phone with dualsim for business and privat, it makes sense to split the phone also in a business and a privat part. The seperation should include contacts, email, phone calls, wifi access points and some more. I think no company is happy if your privat app send information about some business email around the world. I send this request (a few month ago) also to an other thread about local file (system) encryption. But it seam that security is too expensiv for the OS developers :-(. The fact that many manager use iPhones and android mobiles onwork and sync there data to apple or google shows how deep security knowledge is in mind by many people ..

gabs5807 ( 2016-10-23 15:42:12 +0300 )edit
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