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I have set up integration of a Google account with multiple calendar feeds. It seems, the calendar notifications multiply on updates from the feed: I just had to dismiss 21 calendar notifications for the same individual event.

Paired with the annoying fact that full-day notifications take place at midnight (d'oh), this gets very stressfull as I am one of the people who need to sleep before midnight.

In short, we need an urgent fix for the multiplied notifications.

Can I switch off the notifications completely in the meantime?

This is with

I recently did a full reset of the calendar DB because I had syncing errors with (also multiplying) "empty title" events (i.e., I deleted the Google account settings, removed the SQL DB and setup the Google account settings again which fixed the original problem.)

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When you say "calendar notifications" what do you mean? Do you mean Reminder/Alarm? Or do you mean a banner notification? What form of non-graphical-feedback is played by the device when one of these notifications occurs?

In regards to the duplication: yes, we definitely need to fix that. Can you send me logs of the synchronisation so that I can investigate this issue?

1) ensure /etc/systemd/journald.conf has RateLimitBurst=5000 and RateLimitInterval=10s, and reboot the device if you had to change those

2) restart sync daemon in logging-enabled mode:

 systemctl --user stop msyncd
 MSYNCD_LOGGING_LEVEL=8 devel-su -p msyncd

3) leave that running, and open a new terminal to collect logs:

 devel-su journalctl -af | grep google-cal

4) trigger sync via Settings | Accounts -> Longpress Google -> Sync

After sync has completed, the second (journalctl) terminal should contain helpful logs. Please redact any personal information and then send those logs to chris dot adams at jolla dot com.


chris.adams ( 2015-10-07 06:28:35 +0200 )edit

I mean those full-screen notifications like the one that pops up on alarms. Its accompanied by a sound and vibration. I will try to log the sync output.

epsilonijk ( 2015-11-06 21:57:37 +0200 )edit

I still have this issue in Can we get this fixed? Let me know what I should do o help. Otherwise I have to switch OS. I can not switch of notifications and I won't switch calendar.

mlkewlj ( 2016-05-31 11:41:59 +0200 )edit

@mlkewlj Any assistance tracking down this issue would be appreciated. If you can send me your calendar database (from /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Calendar/mkcal/db) I can investigate whether you are suffering from event duplication or not.

If you are suffering from event duplication, I'll try to figure out what (in the synchronisation code) might be causing that.

If you are NOT suffering from event duplication, then it looks like you're suffering from alarm duplication (i.e., the alarm/notification for that single event is being duplicated on every sync, even though the event itself is not being duplicated).

If you can also send me the timed events data (from /home/nemo/.timed/events.data) I can also investigate the notification settings.

My email address is chris dot adams at jolla dot com

Thanks very much for offering to help us track the root cause of this issue down!



chris.adams ( 2016-06-01 09:43:01 +0200 )edit

Dear Chris Thanks for the offer. I was looking at the file and I am afraid it contains a ton of private information I do not feel like sending to somebody I do not know. Removing information takes forever: I do not know what exactly is contained, which names and addresses appear, what makes other people identifiable and so on and so forth. Can you tell me, what needs to be checked? Yours truly

mlkewlj ( 2016-06-02 10:29:58 +0200 )edit