Camera ambience grid can be misleading [still relevant in]

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We all know in SFOS 2 the ambience image is a square which is cropped for portrait and landscape based on the device screen aspect ratio.

I don't know about it on the tablet, but on the phone currently on the ambience grid has two problems:

  1. It doesn't show the boundaries for both portrait and landscape orientations at the same time; i.e. it shows the portrait boundaries on portrait and the landscape ones on landscape.

  2. It's broken on 4:3 photo resolution settings.

So if you have chosen 4:3 resolution on Camera settings the grid won't show the correct boundaries at all, and if you have chosen 16:9 resolution the grid won't guide you how your photo will be displayed on landscape orientation.

My proposal for the grid:

Selecting the ambience grid on Camera should display a square. The space outside the square should have a dark shade or completely black pixels. There should be two concentric portrait and landscape rectangles fit in the square to show boundaries/guides for both orientations based on the device screen aspect ratio, not the photo resolution settings.

For example, something like this for the phone which stays in the same aspect ratio in both 16:9 and 4:3 photo resolutions. On the tablet the rectangles should be in 4:3.

Camera ambience grid

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