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Where's ntp gone? [answered]

asked 2015-10-18 21:49:51 +0300

Robomike gravatar image

As permanently struggling to be the master of time in my computer-universe, months ago I installed ntp on my first Jolla. zypper se -s ntp says up to today:

i | ntp                      | package    | 4.2.4p8-1.4.2 | armv7hl | (System Packages)
i | ntpdate                  | package    | 4.2.4p8-1.4.2 | armv7hl | (System Packages)

Now I tried to bring my Jolla #2 to the same level of usability, because #1 needs a repair, but I'm unable to find ntp anymore in the repositories. Yes, might be useless today - but I'm missing it. What can I do?


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The 'Automatic update' option in Settings>System>Time & date enables ntp which is provided by connman, that's why ntp is no longer found in the usual repo.

Edz ( 2015-10-18 23:07:49 +0300 )edit

which is receiving the time from the mobile network provider, not via ntp servers.And the mobile network provider usually knows your timezone (which the ntp server doesn't), hence it is 'automatic' when roaming into another time zone.

tad ( 2015-10-19 01:15:13 +0300 )edit

... and that's exactly why I would prefer ntp. I don't want to have set the timezone by the local provider, because the provider don't care about MY time needs. So, the question remains....

Robomike ( 2015-10-19 06:58:27 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-10-19 17:40:42 +0300

tigeli gravatar image

NTP was dropped as no system component on SFOS was using it and it had numerous security vulnerabilities which needed to be fixed. The newer version of NTP has GPLv3 licensed source code in it and mer-project itself will not accept such a license currently. Backporting the fixes would have been pain in the ass so we took the easy way out.

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