Duplicate emails, several inboxes

asked 2015-10-21 13:56:13 +0200

aimel gravatar image

On Monday started getting several duplicates on my other email address. These copies were only visible in Jolla. This email account also made six new Index -inboxes for each copy of duplicate received emails. Only one of six folders actually had the email in it. Last night I had received 32 new duplicate emails, resulting on 192 new index folders. Problem resolved by deleting the email account from Jolla, and adding it back again. Haven't received any mail since then, so I can't be sure it won't appear as several copies in several inboxes.

Having these unread emails scattered around in different folders also made it very hard to delete them, since I couldn't select mails from different folders, and can't apparently delete folders on Jolla either. These new folders didn't appear anywhere else, when I checked the same account on email client on my computer and the original mail on server.

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