Flaws: Gallery & Status bar [off-topic]

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I've noticed two small flaws after upgrading to

  • Gallery was empty (zero photos & videos)
  • Status bar was missing

Problems got solved by rebooting the phone again. Despite it was already restarted by the upgrade process. Smells like Windows spirit.

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Windows would be that the device needs to reboot 5 times and you cannot do sh*t about it. And for what you had, you could have recovered from CLI and empty gallery probably from Sailfish Utilities - I close this as not relevant then.

chemist ( 2015-10-23 02:48:08 +0300 )edit

Of course I tried to recover from this glitch using Sailfish Utilities (reindexing & home screen restart), but without success. Hence a reboot solved it. Should have added this information to the initial question.

Vieno ( 2015-10-23 21:04:57 +0300 )edit