( app and folder disappears from launcher(early access)

asked 2015-10-23 15:49:28 +0300

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updated 2015-10-25 16:13:57 +0300

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Edit : happened something like 6/7 today, really annoying.

It's seems that this bug is happened suddenly, with no special reason. Sometimes it appear after launching an app, sometimes when i unlock the phone ..

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I have seen this too, without having any patches enabled yet. Upgraded yesterday evening, had it happen once today. Closed and reopened the app launcher, and the icons & folders were there again.

(my edit on the issue was to add tags)

tonireha ( 2015-10-23 16:20:22 +0300 )edit

Thanks for your comment. And now i know this isn't a patch issue ! Closing and reopening app launcher doesn't work for me .. I have to refresh homescreen to get it working.

malibu1106 ( 2015-10-23 16:31:18 +0300 )edit

It seems we are only 2 to get this issue lol

malibu1106 ( 2015-10-24 02:16:14 +0300 )edit

I don't have this problem. I never had a launcher patch installed. @tonireha did you have a patch installed before once ?

leszek ( 2015-10-24 20:54:52 +0300 )edit

it happened to me just half an hour ago for the first time - only homescreen restart brought it back - happened straight after a crash/reboot - when I opened the launcher the icons moved to lower left corner and disappeared ... strange behaviour ...

elastic ( 2015-10-24 22:55:05 +0300 )edit