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HERE WeGo maps on SD-card [answered]

asked 2015-10-23 23:19:14 +0300

ThGut gravatar image

updated 2016-10-05 17:24:42 +0300

jiit gravatar image

Since the Here maps demand a substantial amount of space, I suggest adding the possibility of storing the offline maps on an SD-card.

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Can't you do that already? Move and symlink should do the job.

(Caveat: not tested, I do not use Here.)

pichlo ( 2015-10-23 23:43:19 +0300 )edit

This is beyond me. Can you give me directions to a detailed instruction?

ThGut ( 2015-10-24 00:28:14 +0300 )edit

Sadly I don't see why there would be need for anyone to learn how to tinker with developer mode and terminal application, that's what @pichlo is offering (f not, then I was wrong:)

Well ok, the phone's supposed to be as open as possible, sort of a wet dream for everyone who likes to have the freedom to tinker around, but then there's the "normal" users who really shouldn't be pressed to use things that they're not familiar with because thing like this hasn't been thought out beforehand by the app or phone creators.

In my opinion @ThGut has made a legit suggestion and also initially wasn't asking how he/she could make it happen.

Asmodeus ( 2015-10-24 14:50:57 +0300 )edit

Yes, what I suggested requires dev mode and some understanding what you are doing. No, I am not saying the OP's request is a bad one, quite the opposite. All I did was offer a workaround for a missing feature.

@ThGut, sorry I cannot give you exact steps because I would need to know where the files are stored by default and if they are indexed by tracker (i.e., do they show up in Gallery?), and that would require me to install Android Support and Here. Sorry, I was trying to help but did not help much.

pichlo ( 2015-10-24 15:44:53 +0300 )edit

I've tried this once, basically: ln -s /media/sdcard/uuid/here /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.apps.maps

Problem is you get "Function not implemented". Probably due to android_storage being a FUSE mount.

Have not had time to investigate this in depth, but first I need to have a clear picture of the filesystem, and I haven't had time yet.

reinob ( 2015-10-25 21:25:51 +0300 )edit

4 Answers

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answered 2017-07-09 12:22:01 +0300

Marius gravatar image

Do I understand right that nobody has a solution to this problem?

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cp -Rp /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.app.maps/ /media/sdcard/<uuid>/
rm -R /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.app.maps/*
su-devel mount --bind /media/sdcard/<uuid>/com.here.app.maps/ /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.app.maps/

The above works for me, but is not a nice workaround, because it needs root privileges and is lost after a reboot. I hope some one better skilled could come up with a nicer solution.

stateoftheart ( 2017-07-09 20:06:52 +0300 )edit

Maybe you can add the mount command to /etc/fstab?

/media/sdcard/<uuid>/com.here.app.maps/ /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.app.maps/ none defaults,bind 0 0

It's untested, but it could work :-D

caesium ( 2017-07-10 22:34:56 +0300 )edit

I added this line to /usr/sbin/mount-sd.sh (showing the line before and after so that you can see where I added it):

    test -d $MNT/${UUID} && touch $MNT/${UUID}
mount --bind  $MNT/${UUID}/com.here.app.maps /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.app.maps
systemd-cat -t mount-sd /bin/echo "Finished ${ACTION}ing ${DEVNAME} of type ${TYPE} at $MNT/${UUID}"

That seems to work and keeps the link after reboot as it does the mount as soon as the sd card is mounted. Note the file needs to be edited as root. Also, added an unmount line:

    umount  /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data/com.here.app.maps
    umount $DIR || umount -l $DIR
anig ( 2017-07-14 08:38:09 +0300 )edit

@stateoftheart: your solution works fine for me, thx! @ceasium: adding the your line to /etc/fstab doesn't seem to mount the directory; it remains empty ... Anyway thx for working this out so far, ciao.

mrtrm ( 2017-08-02 01:51:42 +0300 )edit

On my system the mount-sd.sh does not exist. Do you have any other idea where to add the information to mount the folder at system start?

caesium ( 2018-11-24 22:41:22 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-07-09 18:14:52 +0300

olf gravatar image

updated 2019-03-26 19:49:47 +0300

Meanwhile a couple of native SailfishOS apps for putting offline maps on the SD-card were created and run well:

Note that using the same map data for OSM Scout Server and OSM Scout is possible (e.g. on the SD-card), but involves creating a symbolic / "soft" link ("symlink") , again.


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answered 2019-02-17 03:38:10 +0300

olf gravatar image

updated 2019-04-11 00:08:22 +0300

See [Guide] Externalising android_storage and other directories / files to SD-card for a proper solution.

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answered 2015-10-25 21:34:35 +0300

reinob gravatar image

updated 2015-10-25 21:37:22 +0300

OK, got it:

ln -s /media/sdcard/uuid/.here /opt/alien/data/media/Android/data/com.here.app.maps

(after having moved the original com.here.app.maps to sdcard)


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@chemist: Here maps is not an Android app.

Giacomo Di Giacomo ( 2015-10-25 22:28:58 +0300 )edit

Here maps is an android app... there is no here offline maps with jolla-maps

chemist ( 2015-10-25 23:38:25 +0300 )edit

you can't create symlink to anfroid folder... it disabled after a few sys updates, something like 1-1.5 years ago...

Schturman ( 2015-10-26 07:55:00 +0300 )edit

@chemist Right, I was thinking about the native maps powered by Here.

Giacomo Di Giacomo ( 2015-10-26 10:38:36 +0300 )edit

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