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[question] Framerate display in developer mode [answered]

asked 2015-10-26 02:55:36 +0200

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updated 2015-10-26 11:03:51 +0200

Have there been changes to the offset or scale of the displayed framerate between UI 1.0 and UI 2.0 or are the values comparable rightfully?

I am asking because i did a video to compare 1.1.9 and and both are having obviously more framedrops according to the graphs than 1.1.7 with 1.0 UI

Sure 2.0 UI is a total revamp in major parts and i personally love the new eyecandy and tricks to improve concepted snappieness of the whole experince. And i do not want to let this to become another "bring back 1.0 Ui" thead, pleease.

But the question stands, have there been changes in the framerate graphs or are they comparable to show possible improvements in future release and video comparisons?

Ah, yes, here is the video!

EDIT: One remark made by @Stskeeps on twitter to remind that framerate meter display is not reliable to abreviate on actual usecases as i understand: "frame meter makes the device render 60fps all the time and is not indicative of actual use"

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answered 2015-10-26 16:38:56 +0200

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Ok, i can answer this myself thanks to a comment by Joona Petrell to the Video:

In Sailfish 2.0 the compositor went through quite a big rewrite, the figures between the old and new homescreen are not really comparable. The root issue is with the frame rate display component, not in the general performance of the OS. The frame rate graph causes homescreen to constantly draw, which normally doesn't happen when the app is in the foreground. It puts the system in the composition mode where we give priority to homescreen, not the app. We should get our performance tooling in better shape, sorry.

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