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7 Carddav, Caldav

asked 2015-11-10 15:34:07 +0200

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updated 2015-11-10 15:34:50 +0200

Moo-Crumpus gravatar image can use the same server and port for carddav and caldav, therefore you will like to set up only one account for Carddav and CalDav.

  • Server:
  • Port: 8443
  • username: mail address prefix without

Address / CardDav


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Posteo wrote to me the Ports are as follows:

  • Der Port für den Kalenderabgleich ist: 8443

  • Der Port für den Adressbuchabgleich: 8843

This is a quote from Posteo Support 15 Jan 2016. .

I asked them for help (my CardDav does not work while my CalDav works fine. They have some employee around with a Jolla :-)

Unfortunately Posteo Support does not have log files about the connect. So I still do not know what side fails to connect using DardDAV.

Any hints welcome.

Viele Gruesse

dietmar ( 2016-01-22 07:15:20 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-12-01 22:59:28 +0200

roso gravatar image

Coming a bit late but felt like it was worth sharing. Although I could not make it work with both CardDAV & CalDAV, still managed to have them both.

Simply create two 'CalDAV & CardDAV' accounts:

username is your mail address prefix without

Notice that the port differs for the CardDAV and CalDAV. My guess is that we cannot set up an account with two different ports.

Hope it helps!

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it helps, thank you!

urlauber ( 2016-12-02 14:00:14 +0200 )edit

Thank you kind sir. Works very well :)

julien2711 ( 2018-02-13 14:50:42 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-11-22 22:33:32 +0200

dabaer gravatar image


Server address:

Address to calendar: calendars/username/default

CalDav works for me, but CardDav does not. Any suggestions why CardDav is not working?

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just the same settings as with caldav. The only difference is the path. Caldav needs /calendars/, carddav /addressbooks/... .Address with double D.

Moo-Crumpus ( 2015-11-23 07:35:43 +0200 )edit

I tried it several times, double checked for typos but until now no success. Any chance to get some logging of the CardDav synchronisation?

dabaer ( 2015-11-23 21:39:02 +0200 )edit

I tried CardDAV and CalDAV using with Saimaa

  • CalDAV works fine ;-) Cool! So something must work fine!

  • CardDAV does nothing.

Can someone PLEASE tell me

  • where the CardDAV log files are located in or how to make a kind of log visible *)

  • how to access account details via GUI (it does not let me verify the server credentials).

Your tips appreciated....

ad *): I know how to switch in dev mode and access via USB - cli, I have basic Linux knowledge - I need the simple hints requested above.

dietmar ( 2015-12-27 20:57:52 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-01-02 21:48:12 +0200

dietmar gravatar image

updated 2016-01-02 23:21:47 +0200

Answer at "dabaer":

  • Yes, logging is available via journalctl (start dev mode, ssh to Jolla, become god as devel-su, just invoke journalctl, refine with grep etc)

  • Yes, logging is in /home/nemo/.cache/msyncd/sync/logs

Moreover here is a different way to trace the CardCalDAV failure ... :

I doubt it helps much but it's a start.

Well ... what is the port?!? Some sources say:

. 8843 for posteo CardDAV

. 8443 for posteo CalDav; reasonable since it works ;-) Rem: My Calendar ONLY works if I omit the path to server!! I have to leave it empty with my server.

. Did anyone get CardDAV working in or later ?!?

Some other uncertainty:

When I create a CardDAV account WITHOUT CalDAV it does create an entry in /home/nemo/.cache/mysyncd/sync anyways. With the same port, intended or not. One is caldav-sync-13.xml and the other is carddav.Contacts-13.xml.

But why both?

Oh my dear, it is really experimental ...

. Jan 02 20:55:24 Jolla carddav-client[1643]: [W] Syncer::cardDavError:284 - CardDAV sync finished with error: 0 purging state data for account: 13 Jan 02 20:55:24 Jolla carddav-client[1643]: [C] CardDavClient::syncFinished:142 - CardDAV sync failed: 401 ""

means what???

. I think posteo is running a Sabre Server or so. Now ... It would help much to understand which side of the process failed ... the remote or the Jolla? What is wrong ?

Hints much appreciated!!


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another error:

Sailfish(?) looks at the wrong place it seems:

Jan 02 21:41:51 Jolla [890]: [W] Buteo::ProfileManagerPrivate::parseFile:1117 - Profile file not found: "/home/nemo/.cache/msyncd/sync/onlinesync-carddav.xml" Jan 02 21:41:51 Jolla [890]: [W] Buteo::ProfileManagerPrivate::load:152 - Failed to load profile: "onlinesync-carddav"

Something like this exists:


in a different location. May be CardDAV expects it different?

. Remark2: Using CardDAV with posteo port 8843 fails for no apparent reason.

A different result is achieved using posteo port 8443 (a.k.a.: now with error: 202 ( 403 ) to request ""):

Jan 02 21:42:05 Jolla carddav-client[1450]: [D] SignOn::IdentityImpl::updateState:96 - identityimpl.cpp 96 updateState Updating state: "Ready" SignOn::IdentityImpl(0x2c3fd8)

Jan 02 21:42:06 Jolla carddav-client[1450]: [W] CardDav::userInformationResponse:384 - void CardDav::userInformationResponse() error: 202 ( 403 ) to request ""

Jan 02 21:42:06 Jolla carddav-client[1450]: [W] Syncer::cardDavError:284 - CardDAV sync finished with error: 403 purging state data for account: 14

Jan 02 21:42:06 Jolla carddav-client[1450]: [C] CardDavClient::syncFinished:142 - CardDAV sync failed: 401 ""

So there is still an issue with ports it looks like. If I only could get some hint from a professional ...

FF! /d

dietmar ( 2016-01-02 22:52:13 +0200 )edit
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