Should be the favourite actions also to home screen "pulley" [duplicate]

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A long time I use my Jolla phone and I use the events view favourite actions usually. Formerly I used the "eventsview control" patch (I am not sure of the real name what was) with 1.1... systems because that was comfortable to reach quickly this menu integrated to the events view not from the settings. Now in the 2.0 os It has been modified and not possible to reach with one gesture from the home screen, I have to swipe left or right and then swipe down for the new favourite actions.

Because no gesture for the down swipe at the moment (not from the top edge, just from anywhere except the edges) , I think would be very practical if we can use the same favourite actions on the home screen with this gesture. I hope not just I think that is a good idea... :) and there is chance of realization. Or with the next update or just with a patch... Thanks!

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Sorry, true! I hope it will be something with it soon. Thx.!

liqquid ( 2015-11-22 21:37:33 +0300 )edit