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Faster Pulley Menues [answered]

asked 2015-11-25 19:25:15 +0300

hoschi gravatar image

updated 2015-11-26 15:44:27 +0300

The new Pulley Menues of Sailfish OS > 1.9 are showing animations after selection, which makes the actual selection itself slower. Nodevel has written a patch for Patchmanager, which removes the animation. This doesn't work anymore with Sailfish OS 2.0 because the patch modifies a QML-File and this file was changed at the very same hunk, to make the animations a little bit faster in the new release.

I've modified the patch and it works again. While I can code C/C++ I'm not experienced with Sailfish/Mer-Development, I just want repackage the RPM with the new patch. To my suprise RPM seems to be not a plain archive like a package from Archlinux's Pacman (xz compressed archives) or Slackware's pkgtool (tar.gz archives). I even cannot express in polite words, how disgusting RPM is.

Can you help me?
- Tell me trick to immediatley modify the contents of a RPM v3.0 bin ARM. I'm running a plain Archlinux and the SailfishOS-SDK is installed. I just don't want install any foreign rpm-tools from random sources, including AUR.
- Or can you do that for me
- Or can you tell me a very straight way (SailfishOS-SDK is installed) to create a valid-patch-rpm for patchmanager

Thank you

diff for PulleyMenuBase.qml
metadata for patchmanager

Thanks to equeim for his brief and working explanation of the needed steps and the sample SPEC. Here is the RPM with the patch for patchmanager which removes the slow animations:

  1. Install Patchmanager, if not installed
  2. Install the Patch
  3. Enable the patch in Patchmanager
  4. Settings -> Uitilties -> Restart Homescreen OR reboot your Jolla

You must remove the patch before upgrading SailfishOS (patch is possible incompatible to newer releases)! Use at your own risk.

Thank you!

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-11-25 21:51:23 +0300

equeim gravatar image

You can use my patch as template: https://github.com/equeim/sailfishos-patch-disable-wake-up-lockscreen-animation

Just replace unified_diff.patch, patch.json and package name in .spec file.

  1. Run MerSDK virtual machine
  2. Connect to it via ssh: ssh -p 2222 -i ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/mersdk mersdk@localhost
  3. Navigate to directory, containing /patch and /rpm (/home/src1/ is ~/ with default installation)
  4. Build package: mb2 -t SailfishOS-i486 build
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Thank you. I will do that tomorrow!
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hoschi ( 2015-11-25 22:06:06 +0300 )edit

answered 2015-11-25 21:08:38 +0300

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I'm sorry, but I want to stick with the new style.

hoschi ( 2015-11-25 22:06:59 +0300 )edit

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