Notes: improvements and new features

asked 2015-12-12 18:39:03 +0200

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IMO Notes app should be improved with al least 3 features: 1) possibility to sync notes from IMAP account or from another devices or manually 2) text formatting 3) add them to the noitification screen

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Hi @palikao - your question is a near duplicate of - please consider closing your question and adding your comments/vote/ideas to the question on the link given above.

I can see you don't have enough karma points to close your own question (25 req'd), if you agree your question is a duplicate, myself or someone else can close it for you.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, there are difficulties at Jolla HQ and staff has been reduced by more than 50%, leaving key players only - I don't think they are going to be concentrating on apps such as Notes, not when the OS still needs work. The remaining staff at Jolla HQ will be busy producing the next OS update, which should be launching end of next week for early adopters first, then main release to public some weeks after.

You may be better off asking a 3rd party developer if they can add your ideas to their existing app, for example, TinyEdit from Ovekaaven - I'm not saying the author will, but no harm in asking!

Welcome to TJC...

Edz ( 2015-12-12 19:16:34 +0200 )edit

Uhm.. Pay attention, my request is different!

palikao ( 2015-12-12 19:20:34 +0200 )edit

I'm only offering guidance, no need to be objectionable, by stating I'm not paying attention, which I clearly am as I read, understood and responded to your question.

Edz ( 2015-12-12 19:30:50 +0200 )edit

@palikao, your question is different from the one referred by Markkyboy in respect of partly suggesting new features, hence clearly an addition to an existing question. To limit the exploding number of duplicate questions here, it is agreed to add complementary suggestions to a question or feature request as an answer, which by the way is also qualified to gather votes, i.e. karma. Speaking of karma, it does not hurt to practice at least the amount of courtesy that has been offered oneself.

lakutalo ( 2015-12-12 20:32:00 +0200 )edit