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How can I download .rpm file from Jolla Store?

asked 2015-12-23 12:48:01 +0300

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updated 2015-12-29 12:04:34 +0300

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Because the connection to Jolla Store is unstable in my country, I'd like to download all the package (.rpm) files from Jolla Store, and build a "Mirror Jolla Store" website to deliver apps for jolla users here.

So my question is:

  1. Does Jolla have this kind of API?
  2. Looks like I can install pkcon on my Linux and use pkcon download. If so, how can I add/enable Jolla Store repos?
  3. Looks like I can use pkcon search ..., how can I get all package names from Jolla Store repo?
  4. Is it possible to get the icon/description/developer-name/flattr-button of the app (by unpacking rpm file or from some Jolla API)?

It's easy for WareHouse, but is it possible for Jolla Store?

Thanks :D, and hope this is not against Jolla's TOS.

EDIT chemist: spelling, phrasing

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pkcon search name 'package'

The packages are .RPM not .RMP (originally Red Hat Package Manager)

Take a look at this thread, which is asking something very similar;


Edz ( 2015-12-23 14:55:45 +0300 )edit

I'm not sure about Jolla's TOS, but I think you should ask the app developers before publishing their software. You know, some devs don't put their apps on OpenRepos because they don't want to release their RPMs into the public. Building a "Mirror Warehouse/OpenRepos" would also be easier since the devs are willing to have their packages downloaded.

jollailija ( 2015-12-23 19:52:05 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-12-23 21:50:05 +0300

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Keep in mind, for some stuff you need permission to redistribute.

Your need to authenticate with the store repos. On Jollas this is done by the store-client, how that works by-hand, no idea.

Easiest way is, put a 64GB uSD in a Jolla device and pkcon download everything to it - then work from there.

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